Who We Are

Rapidea represent many faces, role & area of expertise in numerous business discipline and industry. These include tourism, retails, dive industry, conservation, youth & trending, logistics, social activism, research & consultancy, branding, web start-ups, event management, & entrepreneurship to name a few.
Whatever responsibility and mission thrown at us, we stand tall knowing that over the years.

What We Do

Research & Insight

Knowledge building, data collecting and analyzing insights are our strength. Analyzed data presented to our client for better informed decision making and successful implementation. Strategy & Solution spells everything we do and who we are, we assist our clients to understand the challenges, the best options available, and every possible outcome.


We help our client manage their presence online and offline by creating strategy, solution, monitoring, leveraging, influencing and engaging their messages and campaign.


We helps clients to create a dialogue with the outside world to build brands; create better products and increase profits to an extend of being the platform for various dialogue scenario relating to business & social negotiation, crisis management and brand /product acquisition.

Our Products

We take pride in selecting and presenting the ideal web technology solution for our client, experience our products and discover how our technology can help you grow your business.


BorneoColours.com is a destination based web portal, creatively design to allow members to participate and share content instantly. Aim to be borneo’s official new media and community portal, it houses international membership outside of Borneo and Bornean community from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

DIY Website

Building a website has never been easier. Our drag & drop website builder makes it dead simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required.

Cloud Solutions

We help your business maximize the use of Google Apps for business and have always taken pride in offering start-up companies and large corporations, a service that can save them money and be more effective that what they do.


While an event organizer are so focused about running an event, Tweetashow helps their client to share the soul of an event, as every one else wants to know what is happening, to learn how the event can be of an interest to them.